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Hey guy(s)!

Can you name the four games I've referenced here?

So, this is my second blog, and I’m pulling a complete 180.  I started a review blog almost two years ago now, focusing on makeup and beauty products (probably the last thing any of y’all who are reading this want to read about, except for the occasional fem-gamer who may stumble into here), but that kinda fizzled out when I stopped working as a freelance makeup artist.

Now, I’m baring my nerdgasming, geek-out side to the world, something that, until recently, had only been seen by a drunk friend stumbling into my closed room at 0200 and my suite mates who, rather often, bust in and catch me glued to my 32-inch Sony Bravia, oblivious to their intrusion from behind my Astro A30 headset.

But really.  I love video games.  I started out with a home PC (one of the ones that only came in various shades of beige and probably weighed more than my dog) when I was seven, trekking through mineshafts and decrepit temples in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and tossing deadly playing cards at boojums in American Mcgee’s Alice (at least until I got the Jacks…).  From there, I moved on to the original Xbox, acting as a subterfuge agent against the freaky DomZ in Beyond Good and Evil and ogling the la… busting out Spirit Strikes in Sudeki.  A year later, I upgraded to the just-released Xbox 360, and started my next-gen experience by pummeling trolls as a kick-ass boxing plant in Kameo:Elements of Power and staring daggers at the final combatant with a serious case of SNK Boss Syndrome in Dead or Alive 4.  Finally, I dropped the cash for a PS3 a year ago, and cautiously worked my way through the fetid swamps and crumbling towers of Demon’s Souls and the degenerate streets of InFamous‘s Empire City.

So, this blog is a gonna be a bit of everything.  Not so much news, as there are awesome sites like Kotaku, Joystiq, G4TV, etc. that seem to have that pretty well covered (not to mention early access and insider info that I’m unfortunately not privy to), but more reviews, lists, editorials, and the like.  Some will be written, others will be filmed, and the occasional one may be both.  As I start to build a reader base, I’ll start to take requests too.

The first couple of posts are going to focus on giving you guys a general sense of who I am as a gamer.  Except for this one.  This one, here, is just to get to know me a bit.  So here are 10 random facts about me:

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