My Top 10 Games; Part 1

So we’re still on the “get to know me” phase of this blog.  I mean, it’s the second post, so… c’mon.

I figure one of the best ways to piece together the personality of a gamer is to look at their favourite games, yeah?  Sure!

So these aren’t necessarily the best games I’ve ever played, or the ones I would rate the highest, or even marvels of their generation.  They’re simply the games I had the most fun playing, remember fondly, or changed the way I play in general.

I’ve separated it into three posts, spanning the three generations of consoles I’ve played on.  This first one will cover the PC-era.

This list is in chronological order of when I first played/fell in love with the game, not ranked by which is my favourite.

1. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (PC)

"Stop that, you need my help!"

This was the first game I ever played (not including those educational, point-and-click games, which really shouldn’t even fall under the same classification), and the reason I think my father bought our first powerful home computer.  Trekking through the snow-covered mountains to reach the Shambala Sanctuary (only to have to reload a prior save to deal with that infernal candle puzzle), blowing myself up multiple times by not learning the size of the hitboxes around the submerged mines while swimming through the Palawan Lagoon, and facing down Marduk with my electrified whip in the Tower of Babel were all critical moments in the molding of my self into a future gamer.  The combat was solid, the puzzles were devious but intuitive, and the story was actually pretty well-formed.  Plus, with a cheat, you could shoot singing chickens out of your bazooka.  C’mon. Continue reading